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More Than TV

The COVID-19 epidemic has had a profound effect on society and how we communicate. Our team decided to create concrete and practical materials that could be found in places across Canada to inspire and motivate those affected by the disease. Since then, we’ve increased the pace of our outreach efforts and developed resources that are easily accessible to people who need them the most. In addition to broadening our audience, we have potential to have major, immediate impact when we operate as a resource for our local communities.

We want to help our society grow and develop, while simultaneously questioning the “Christian media” paradigm. The tales of Canadians will be told through the prism of the country’s perspective, using testimonials from our outreach programs.

More than ever, we believe inspiration, encouragement, and motivation are required on more than just our devices. We offer action-based, innovative solutions by acting as an ally within various marginalized sectors refuting narratives on certain demographics while rebuilding community pride and self-worth.

TBN Canada is a division of Trinity Broadcasting Network, the world’s largest and most viewed faith-and-family broadcaster, reaching over 175 countries across the world. TBN Canada was created to provide Canadians with access to quality, Christian programming while allowing them to donate to the network mission. Over the past decade, we have expanded our vision to include the development of creative, relevant public outreach initiatives and media content that speaks directly to the lifestyle and needs of Canadian citizens today.

With a focus to evolve, TBN Canada amplifies the most pressing concerns facing today’s generation, providing innovative, relevant outreach programs and support to women, people with disabilities, BIPOC communities and the working class. To advance our society, it is imperative that we align our communities with practical opportunities leading to personal growth and success. Along this journey, we focus on strengthening innate talents, showing how they can be applied across multiple industries.

Our mission is to provide people with a new perspective on life, reclaiming their self-confidence, belief and purpose. Our work is guided by respect, unity, service, encouragement, and the grace of God.

TBN Canada is committed to being a leader in supporting and valuing the diversity of the people, organizations, and communities we serve. Valuing diversity is recognizing and respecting human differences and similarities.

TBN Canada recognizes the importance of providing local programming, responding to listeners’ needs and interests. TBNC aims to connect with its audience by reviewing, developing, and implementing community outreach programs and services regarding issues concerning the representation of diverse communities.

TBN Canada endeavors to reflect the diversity of its audience and the communities it serves within all outreach programs and services.

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