2nd Chance

Restoring Hope

Second Chance works with BIPOC, women, people with disabilities and the formerly incarcerated, giving them new opportunities in the workforce to help rebuild their individual and family lives. In partnership with Dynamo Industries, Second Chance provides hope and restoration, allowing individuals reintegrating into society post-incarceration the chance to develop new and existing skills through industry-relevant apprenticeship programs.

Our training programs teach a variety of skills including:

  • General Labour
  • Sheet Shot Blasting
  • Powder Coat Painting
  • Sheet Metal
  • Machining Fabrication and Welding
  • and more!

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Regardless of their mistakes, everyone deserves a second chance. We serve clients of all races, genders, ages, social classes, and skill levels. We provide opportunities for the newly trained and for the already skilled. Through these programs, our clients will not only develop relevant, transferable work skills but will also join a dynamic work environment, that offers stimulating creativity and motivational guidance.

Why Skilled Trades?

In recent years, Canada has been experiencing a growing shortage of workers in skilled trades. Many avenues in gaining knowledge and expertise within the industry opportunities lies in apprenticeship and certification. Reports show in 2020, registration for new apprenticeship saw a decrease of 28.5% from the previous year. This figure began with 77,574 submitted applicants to 55,455 in 2020. Moreover, trade certificates reflect this exact decrease at a rate of 31.5 per cent from 2019 with 26,376 new apprentices in 2020. In sharing these important figures, it can’t go without highlighting a large number of skilled trade workers heading off for retirement. This presents a gap within the industry workforce as knowledge and expertise will be leaving work sites with a younger generation untrained and potentially unfit to replace them.

Many communities and individuals present themselves as important contributors to bridging the gap. Visible minorities such as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), women, and person with disabilities face diverging and analogous feelings towards lack of opportunities, invisibility in the workplace, dismissal of cultural sensibility, and overall career stagnation within the tradesmen industry.

Skill trades workers have a unique set of physical and psychological challenges, making it more difficult for companies to reach out to them. Many of these employees feel cut off from the rest of the company, even inside their own department due to lack of community and connection. Emotional and mental issues could result from any combination of these factors. As people, we want to feel that we are living at full potential. An employee’s capacity to achieve this is directly impacted by these aspects of their employment. We need to bring employee health and wellbeing back to the forefront of manufacturing operations.

The Goal Of C.O.D.E.

Within our programs, we have developed daily, weekly and monthly practices to promote and support the continued professional ad person development of our clients, working to provide a safe space for healthy living:

Celebrate achievements, milestones and hard work within our programs: Due to the fast-paced nature of skill trades, performance markers can go unnoticed. Through regular performance assessments and progress reporting, we will reward and promote employees increasing short- and long-term engagement and retainment between TBN Canada employees and clients alike

Celebrate personal and cultural holidays and events: When people feel seen and appreciated, they contribute more positively to their surrounding environments. By observing and hosting activities to celebrate employee birthdays and various cultural events and holidays, our employees and clients will engage and feel more connected to our organization, values and practices.

Making a Difference

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