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Announcement - Starting August 5, 2013, Praise the Lord and Behind the Scenes a began broadcasting on Miracle Channel  Monday to Friday.   TBN and Miracle Channel recently announced an affiliation agreement where they will exchange their programs.  Miracle has now become one of TBN's Family of Network participants.  

See announcement by Miracle channel here:

LETHBRIDGE (July 8, 2013) -  Today, Miracle Channel announces an unparalleled partnership with the world’s largest Christian network, Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) to cooperate on great programming.

Trinity Broadcasting Network, America's Most-Watched Faith Channel, and Miracle Channel, Canada's premier Christian TV channel, have announced a major programming partnership that will allow both broadcasters to share their most popular series as well as collaborate on innovative new productions.

Both TBN and Miracle Channel produce award-winning programs that have been viewer favorites for years. These shows will form the foundation of the shared content.

Miracle Channel will be airing a shortened version of TBN's signature daily music and ministry program Praise the Lord, with Leon Fontaine serving as frequent Praise the Lord host. Plans are also being made for special episodes of the popular variety program to be produced live from Canada.

Miracle Channel will also air TBN's long-running Behind the Scenes each weekday and, in addition, will be providing regular updates for Canada's Christian community.

TBN will add Miracle Channel's popular weekly ministry program, Leon Fontaine, to their line up. This show features Leon teaching to thousands each week in one of Canada's largest multi-site church. Springs Church is pastored by Leon, and his wife Sally.

TBN's Church Channel network will also host Leon Fontaine's 30-minute talk show, The Leon Show, a program that explores relevant topics with world-renowned guests each weekday.

In addition to these program partnerships, there are plans for TBN and Miracle Channel to collaborate on a new weekly Christian show. This new show is being described as “Spirit Contemporary” in theme—combining the life-changing Full-Gospel message with a keen sensitivity to viewers who may be unfamiliar with the Christian faith.

Miracle Channel is looking forward to the future. Many lives that will be touched through the increase in quality programming as Miracle Channel and TBN stand side-by-side to produce programs that highlight the Gospel message without compromise!

The exciting new fall TV guide will be announced to viewers in the coming weeks.

TBN and Church Channel are available at  www.tbn.org or by any methods listed below.

Smile of A Child, at www.smileofachildtv.org  Quality Christian children’s programming. TBN Canada hopes to soon purchase Canadian airtime for daily television viewing of SOAC.

JUCE, at www.jucetv.com  Exciting Television for Today’s Teens and Young Adults.  TBN Canada hopes to soon purchase Canadian airtime for daily television viewing of JCTV.

The TBN Network has many stations which can be downloaded under that banner: TBN, Church Channel, Smile of a Child (SOAC), Jesus Christ Television (JCTV), TBN Enlace and The Healing Channel. In Canada, there are  many ways to view your TBN Network stations: the Internet, FTA satellite through glorystar.tv, mobile devices (such as smart phones, Ipads, Blackberry and androids) and the Roku box (integrating wireless Internet with television and available from local stores such as Walmart, Canadian Tire Staples.)  

Go to http//tbncanada.glorystar.tv or call 866-508-3055 to get your Free To Air Glorystar satellite. 

Praise the Lord!

The Praise the Lord Program is a fantastic live 2 hour, Christian program bringing the highest calibre of guests from well-known celebrities to laypersons for interview, as well as singers, musicians and evangelists. In addition, it often covers revivals and crusades from around the world.  In Canada, a daily one hour version will be shown at 6 pm Pacific time Monday to Friday on Miracle Channel.

Smile of a Child TV

Smile of a Child TV (SOAC) is a delightful Christian children's channel affiliated with Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) that offers programming 24 hours per day, seven days a week. It is the television arm of TBN's Smile of a Child ministry.  Smile of a Child is available through  Glorystar's FTA Satellite and all the ways shown above.  An awesome alternative for quality, "safe" children's programming.  www.smileofachildtv.org


JUCE is a Christian youth network.  This young adult television network, owned by the Trinity Broadcasting Network, was designed for the 13-30 age group and is devoted to music videos,  It is similar to MTV, but with a Christian focus.  JUCE combines music videos, youthful video jockeys, promotion of special Christian rock events, and news and documentaries about Christian bands and performers in an effort to establish popularity among Christian youth. JUCE also has numerous extreme sports shows that document extreme sports athletes and how their faith impacts their lives. In addition to music-based and action sports programming, JUCE airs programming such as the discussion program "Ask God" and the game show "Virtual Memory" with Jamie Alexander.  JUCE has succeeded in bringing the same intensity and edginess that viewers see on secular youth and music networks to Christian television. The network is  available through Glorystar and Roku and via streaming video on their official website as well as on iPad, iPod and other mobile devices.  www.jucetv.com